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Scientists Create Hangover-Free Booze

Illustration for article titled Scientists Create Hangover-Free Booze

Bad news for weeknights! Scientists in Korea have figured out that when you oxygenate booze, it sobers you up faster and helps prevent hangovers the next day.


But it's not all good news: by oxygenating booze, you're putting, you know, oxygen in it. And I don't know about you, but I don't want a fizzy glass of Lagavulin.

Furthermore, while the O2-booze does reduce hangovers, it also cuts down on how long you're drunk for. And hell, what's the point of that? Sure, if you're 19 and don't know how to drink it's good news, but the acquisition and retention of the perfect buzz is an artform. This would destroy it.


But really, this seems like it'll be a pretty niche product. in Korea, a company called Sunyang Co is soon to sell oxygenated soju called O2 Lin. If you want soju that won't give you a hangover and has bubbles in it, there it is. But if you want good-old normal hooch that'll really punish you the next day if you go overboard? It isn't going anywhere. [Report via io9]

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It's pretty simple really. A dark colored beer = bad hangover. A light colored beer = easy hangover.

A little black coffee and water in the morning and you'll be just fine.