Scientists Invent Healing Goo, Horrifying Name

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I'm as excited at the next person that scientists have discovered a way to artificially create liquid from the womb for use in medical treatment, but does it have to be called "baby butter"?

New Scientist reports that Dutch scientists Joke Bouwstra and Robert Rissman from Leiden University have artificially created vernix caseosa, a... well, buttery liquid that surrounds developing fetuses in the womb, and believe that the artifical vernix could be used to treat eczema and speed up the healing of wounds. This belief comes after tests on mice have shown that healing happens as much as three times faster when the artificial vernix is applied.

To be fair to Bouwstra and Rissman, they didn't come up with the term "baby butter"; that's all New Scientist's headline writers. But I'm hoping that the name doesn't catch on even if future tests reveal that the liquid will heal all known ills, because there's just something exceptionally creepy about it. Even "baby spread" sounds better.


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