Scientists Seeking Money To Finish Syfy's Roswell Investigation

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Three scientists are seeking money to finish the analysis of some items from Roswell they feel certain could be connected to aliens. And it's all linked to a Syfy Channel series that got canceled before it could find answers.

Dr. Bill Doleman, along with researchers Chuck Zukowski, and Debbie Ziegelmeier were part of the Sci Fi Channel documentary series The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence, which was canceled after NBC bought the channel. As part of the documentary, the channel and the researchers set up an archaeological dig designed to unearth debris not from the reported crash, but from the military crews allegedly sent to clean it up. Explains the Denver Examiner:

At the site, they put together a professional archeological dig aimed at finding debris left behind by the alleged military clean-up crews that whisked away any evidence of a crash. The show periodically caught up with the dig site workers, making you think that they would reveal a "startling" find. In the end they did find some small items that the show of course made a big deal about, but the show ended without any real analysis of the items, promising that it would be included in the next exciting episode.


But the next exciting episode never came. The items unearthed as part of the dig were cataloged and put into storage awaiting analysis - and the permission from the Bureau of Land Management, which owned the land the dig was on, to perform it. Having gotten the permission, Doleman, Zukowski and Ziegelmeier are now seeking donations to fund it.

Some people question the virtue of analyzing that which was recovered from the reputed crash site, given the mundane nature of the items.

Among the items are: rubber from the sole of a shoe, shoe leather, unidentified fibers, clothing thread, burnt rock some with fibers on them, plastic tube, a piece of gray material that is possibly from tape or a trash bag, translucent white plastic, and some orange plastic like material.


Doleman says just because it looks boring, doesn't necessarily mean it is.

For one thing, it's by no means clear that those items are of terrestrial origin, despite their seeming ordinariness. Also, he says even if the items are all from Earth, their dates and origins may give clues to the events of 1947. Why won't the Syfy Channel pitch in, to discover the truth once and for all?


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