Scooter vs. segway

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Julio Ojeda-Zapata of The Saint Paul Pioneer Press goes for a ride on both the Segway and the Equinox, a sit-down electric scooter which can go up to 30 miles per hour and has nearly four times the range of the Segway, and comes away a bit more impressed with the scooter:

When I twisted the throttle, the Equinox sprang forward without hardly a sound. This didn't seem strange with the futuristic Segway but did take some getting used to with a scooter that would look right at home in a subtitled Sophia Loren movie. Soon enough, I was zipping around downtown. While the slowish Segway is best used on sidewalks, even though it can legally traverse city streets, the Equinox has just enough additional speed to hold its own in non-freeway traffic.