Scratch Your Own Drawing Into This Giant Virtual Moon

Only 12 people have ever made a mark on the surface of the Moon, but a new project by Olafur Eliasson and Ai Weiwei is inviting everyone on the internet to make a mark on the big wheel of cheese—or its digital equivalent, at least.


The project, called Moon, is an interactive website where anyone can draw, tag, or write a message on the surface of a glowing lunar sphere. It's like planet-sized digital chalkboard, where you can pan over the surface to peruse the work of others, or send a message of your own.

All you need to participate is a free account—after you register, you can access a set of tools more basic than Microsoft Paint and get started. "Touch the moon by drawing on it," the team explains on the site. "A vision, doodle, statement, a greeting, thought... Your drawing is a hinge between you, everyone else, and the universe."

Because this canvas is so huge, there's built-in tagging functionality so you can search for particular messages or drawings. But it's even more fun to browse randomly. In fact, you might even find some of the artists' own original works scraped into the lunar surface. [Moon via ArtObserved]

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