Screw The Meter, Bill My Phone

The US is obviously far behind on parking meter technology. The photo you see is a current parking meter in Sydney, Australia. Look how cool it is. So it should come as no suprise that it's neighbor to the north, New Zealand, is getting rid of meters altogether and switching to Phone2Park in some areas. Check it:

"The "Phone2Park" system, developed by Parking Solutions, will automatically debit a customer's pre-paid mobile phone account when they send a text to a shortcode, removing the need for parking meters or pay and display machines."


So as long as you're hip with SMSing and don't mind texting back and forth, you won't have to worry about running 10 city blocks back to your car to feed it more coins. The idea is absolutely genius and should be brought over here to places like Philadelphia, NYC, and Boston. There's been tons of times in the past where I've had to run from lunch to make sure the car hasn't been towed because the meter ran up. If you're game and in NZ right now, you'll need to sign up with your credit card online and fill out some info. Currently, this is only a trial, but if successful, it could branch out to the USA one day.

UPDATE: Ok. So NZ is Southeast of Australia. My bad folks!

Meterless Parking on Trial [Textually]

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