Seagate Firmware Fix Turned Barracudas into Paperweights

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Seagate's SD1A firmware update, meant to fix problems with its Barracuda 7200.11 models, only managed to make things worse—bricking the drives of those who bothered to install it. They've pulled the update pending validation.

Barracuda owners who flashed their disks with the firmware found that after they rebooted, they'd receive a system disk failure error message. Backups, if they were stored on the same drive that was flashed, also became unavailable.


If you have a Barracuda hard drive, best follow this forum thread to keep updated on news from Seagate. Hopefully, the next "fix" they release isn't such a mess. [Slashdot]

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I went through all kinds of annoying hell to update the firmware to SD1A on 4 1.5 TB drives. Only now to hear that SD1A sucked too. I just sent the hard drives back and got my money back. Even now, with a supoosedly good firmware fix, I'd wait a long time before coming back to Seagate. I'd have to make sure they've got a stable product again.

What a debacle!