Seagate Won't Do Flash SSDs, Waiting For Next-Gen Tech

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Just last month we were reporting "Seagate to begin to switch to SSD" and now company CEO Bill Watkins has said that that's not quite the truth. Seagate will indeed be launching an enterprise-level SSD in 2009, but will not enter the "mobile SSD" market. Whyever not? Because there's no money to be made there: "Right now if you look at it whether it's Micron or Samsung or SanDisk - they're selling at a loss. To do the product is not a big deal but to make money at it - it's important to us." he notes. Instead the company is banking on post MLC technology, something like "a spin around magnetic RAM, it could be a phase shift type of process" says Watkins. Seagate hard drives might be around for a while longer. [Silicon via MRAM-info]

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What's the point of a SSD anyway?

I still need more TB cause there is never enough to store anime, manga, music and movies

Maybe to put Windows on but then the swapfile has to be an normal harddrive cause windows needs to swap a lot even with 4 GB RAM....