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Sealed Goldfish Keychains are a Bit More Upsetting Than Most Keychains

Illustration for article titled Sealed Goldfish Keychains are a Bit More Upsetting Than Most Keychains

What's a better keychain than a dead goldfish? I mean, sure, it'll come as a live goldfish, but seeing that this is a sealed keychain, it won't be alive for long. Apparently, vendors in Qingdao, China are selling these horrifying things, with the fish surviving mere hours after being placed in their death cells. Pretty gross stuff, right there. I'll stick to my classy kewpie bondage keychain, thanks. [Weird Asia News via Geekologie]


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@Elcheecho: Did you know that common goldfish, like the one pictured, have no stomachs and have a very pass-on-by digestive system which generally contributes to a very ammonia-rich aquarium if not properly cared for? Fish suppliers only use a stress-relieving agent to keep the fish alive for a certain amount of time when they ship them out to pet shops, and their only source of oxygen is the trace amount in the water and the atmosphere in the "empty" part of the bag. The one and only reason the fish don't die of shock is because of that stress agent, and even then it doesn't work.

This is just a fish in a sealed bag, much like a puppy in an airtight jar. I hate this shit and I hope whoever buys one gets trapped in a bulletproof airtight bubble.