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Seamless Is Down and We're All Going to Starve (Updated)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

My existence hinges on three things, each interconnected: Food, laziness, and websites that bring food to me. Today, the third has been rendered null. Thus begins the domino effect that leads to me wasting away to death. And I didn’t even get to try that new sushi place down the street.

Seamless is down, and Twitter is mad. At least here in NYC. From the looks of it, it appears problems arose about four hours ago. Fear not, lunch-goers, @Seamless is on the case, and apparently welcomes your hunger pang-fueled tweets. There’s been over 50 apologies, by our count:


Seamless, for its part, claims that the site is not down, and recommends the following:

if anyone is having trouble, they might try refreshing their DNS cache. The site’s up, though (some intermittent issues earlier)


We’ll continue to update in between hallucinations and sitting motionless in our office chairs moaning.

Oh and GrubHub still works. We’re all idiots.

Update, 2:34 p.m.: The Seamless app is up and running, so if your smartphone’s fully charged, your stomach won’t eat itself after all. The site still appears down.