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Seamless Roulette Is the Best, Most Terrifying Thing to Happen to Lunch

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Seamless is at once one of the greatest and most ruinous gifts ever bestowed upon man. Still, while the service has vastly simplified the process of acquiring both lunch and heart disease, there are still just a few too many options. Fortunately (?), Seamless Roulette has taken care of that.

Probably best avoided by anyone with food allergies and/or strict standards about what goes in their mouths, Seamless Roulette is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Just put in your Seamless login information, the max amount you're willing to spend, and wait for a 100 percent random assortment of food from a random restaurant to come sidling up to your door.


The site's co-founder, Bryan Denman, is quick to assure that their site isn't funneling any of the money itself:

The site is just an interface. So all the actual dealings happen through Seamless. We don't store cards. We don't take some off the top. Nothing shady.


Of course, you could potentially find out what you just unknowingly paid for when the email hits your inbox (from Seamless's point of view, this is just another run-of-the-mill, probably slightly eccentric order). But to keep with the spirit of the site, we recommend ignoring the confirmation email in favor of a true surprise.

And most importantly, enjoy your four Frescas and side of pie. [Seamless Roulette]