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Search Is Crashing Safari on iOS and OS X (and How to Fix It)

Illustration for article titled Search Is Crashing Safari on iOS and OS X (and How to Fix It)

If Safari is crashing when you search from the address bar this morning, you’re not alone. It seems the browser is facing difficulties on both iOS and OS X.


According to Steven Troughton-Smith, an iOS developer, the issue is a result of Safari’s search suggestions feature and it causes the browser to crash whenever you try and search via the address bar. We can certainly confirm that it’s happening for us on both Mac and iPhone. (Update 11:35am Apple says the bug is now fixed.)

There are ways to avoid the problem that don’t include using a different browser though: You can turn off the search suggestion feature, or use private browsing. There’s no word yet from Apple about the problem or a potential fix.


It’s not a good week for Safari. On Monday, a site called—best not to click that link—managed to paralyze the browser on iOS by adding thousands of characters per second into its address bar.

[Reddit and Steven Troughton-Smith via The Verge]

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Wait, wait, wait... people use Safari? I used it to download Chrome, I guess...