Seas0nPass Is the Simplest Apple TV Jailbreak Yet

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Seas0nPass, a new Apple TV jailbreak, makes the process easier than ever. And what can a jailbroken Apple TV actually do? Not a whole lot! You can install the media streamer Plex, though, which is a start.


For now, the potential of a jailbroken Apple TV is more exciting than the reality of a jailbroken Apple TV. Eventually, one hopes, it'll become an iPhone and iPad-friendly, internet and local-video playing swiss army knife. As of now, it's pretty much a $99 Netflix set top box.

But an easy jailbreak is a nice step down the path to the Super Apple TV, and that's just what Seas0nPass is. Developed by fireCore, the fellows behind the web browser- and Last.FM-enabling aTV Flash suite, Seas0nPass will currently let you SSH into your Apple TV, run a buggy version of Plex, a slick piece of media streaming software, and and not a whole lot else. Yeah. But the jailbreak is open source and hopefully will bring about even more ATV tinkering.

If you know what you're doing, you can find instructions for the jailbreak here. [Seas0nPass via TUAW via CrunchGear]



Anyone have the ATV Flash Suite? Is surfing the web on your ATV any good?