Second Gen HP Vivienne Tam Netbook Loses Its Flower, Just as Girly

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If the first Vivienne Tam branded HP Mini wasn't flashy enough for you, there is always this season's digital clutch that was unveiled last night at NYC's Fashion Week. If butterflies and gold are your thang you will love it.

Like the first Vivienne Tam Mini this one looks to have the same specs as HP's Mini 100 line. So while the red flowers have been replaced with lovely butterflies that "represent romance, freedom, empowerment and transformation" it appears you have still got the same shebang under the hood — as you can imagine, a 10-inch display, an Intel Atom processor and the rest of the typical netbook specs. You know the saying you can take the girl out of the netbook, but not the netbook out of the girl.


As for me, I am a woman that loves netbooks (probably more than I care to admit) but the flashy or pink ones have never been for me. And then there is the fact that the first one cost $699 which was $300 more than the netbook without the adorned lid. You may have found one of these clutches in my closest, but not on my desk. [Chip Chick]

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Those notebooks look nice and all.. But the knees behind it look well used..You'd think they'd try to find a model with less ugly knees for their product... Oh hey check out the knuckles on her also