Secret Wars is back, and so is its Toyline

Next summer Marvel is bringing back its famous Secret Wars crossover storyline for another hurrah - and now Gentle Giant is bringing back the original Mattel Toyline that accompanied the series to celebrate too.

Like their 'Jumbo Retro' figures for Kenner's orignal Star Wars toys, these figures take the original molds of the classic toys and resize them up to 1:6/12" scale, complete in oversized packaging designed to look at the old stuff. Just, you know, bigger!


The first two toys out next year will be the symbiote-suited Spider-Man (Secret Wars was the storyline where Spidey found the black suit for the first time), and brilliantly, Hobgoblin - complete with his glider and the original toy's hilariously ecstatic face sculpt:

LOOK HOW HAPPY THAT HOBGOBLIN IS! Looking at the silhouetted designs it looks like Wolverine and what looks like either Doctor Doom or Kang won't be far behind.


Just as everything else is jumbo about these toys, so is the price - these figures will set you back $90 when they release next year. If you're so inclined, you can preorder the Symbiote Spider-Man already, directly from Gentle Giant. Nostalgia is a powerfully damaging thing when it comes to a Toy collector's wallet.


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