Secrets Of Battlestar, Sarah Connor And Lost

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Spoiler alert: Fans got hold of some script pages from one of the very last episodes of Battlestar Galactica, and they give a lot of spoilers for how the show will look in its home stretch. Also, producers tell us what to expect from the next Superman movie and season two of Sarah Connor Chronicles. Plus there are some spoilers, and some wild speculation, for Doctor Who. Plus a few new details about the tail end of Lost season four. Spoilers avast!



One of the producers of the Batman and Superman movies told some students that he hopes the sequel to Superman Returns will portray Superman more as an "angry god." [Comics2Film]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Sarah Connor Chronicles producer Josh Friedman talked to reporters for a conference call, and was customarily tight-lipped. He did say season two would be "more action-packed," and we won't be seeing any more of that mystery about the high-school prankster and the girl who committed suicide at John Connor's school. (Which is too bad, because that was my favorite part.)

Summer Glau will be back "full force" in spite of that car bomb in the season finale. And Brian Austin Green will be a series regular.

This will be John Connor's "growing up year," and he'll need his mother less than before. Sarah Connor's ex-boyfriend wlll be back, and so will Agent Ellison, who is starting to be less of a "doubting Thomas" when it comes to Terminators. We will not see Michael Biehn (who played Kyle Reese in the original Terminator movie.) And Friedman is hoping to show more of the "future war" at some point, but those episodes are expensive to make because of the large amount of CGI. You can read a complete transcript here: [The TV Addict]



As we already heard, Lost recently shot a funeral scene involving all of the Oceanic Six. And the two-hour season finale, besides featuring Greg Grunberg as the pilot of the crashed Oceanic 815, also introduces a new character, a "Top Gun"-esque hotshot pilot who doesn't like it when his copilot brings a lucky charm aboard. [Ask Ausiello]


Oh, and the kid who played Dan Vasser's son on Journeyman will also play the young Locke in his upcoming flashback episode. Also playing a teen Locke is Caleb Steinmeyer, who was on Veronica Mars. That's the episode where Nestor Carbonell turns up, and is supposedly present at Locke's birth. [Doc Arzt]

Doctor Who:

Digital Spy is doing that annoying thing once again, where they list real spoilers for Saturday's Doctor Who episode, along with a couple of fake spoilers thrown in. It's gotten to the point where I don't even want to link to it. Plus, all of the spoilers for this Saturday's Sontaran episode, whether real or fake, make the episode sound a bit pants. Here they are anyway. [TARDIS Newsroom]


Meanwhile, Rose's die-hard fans are freaking out that Rose appears not to be in the Christmas special. They're coming up with all sorts of wild theories to explain her absence, such as that she's temporarily off in her alternate universe but will be back real soon. Or she and the Doctor are about to get married, but he's taking one last trip without her. Or she's in the episode, but isn't on set right now, so they're using a "hand double" for her. Feel free to come up with your own ideas. [Sunny Tyler 001]

Battlestar Galactica:

In the Battlestar Galactica prequel TV movie/possible series Caprica, we learn that the Caprican mafia funded the education of Joseph Adama (Admiral Adama's dad) and they expect a little something in return occasionally. [Ask Ausiello again]


Somebody posted a scene from episode 18 of Battlestar Galactica's final season on a closed Livejournal community, and somebody else was kind enough to email it to me. I'm not sure if this is an actual scene from the episode, or a "casting side," written for auditions. (It is of course possible it's just a fake.) But anyway, it answers our questions about the piano-playing devil that Starbuck finds herself opening up to... and thank the gods it's not Leoben. Instead, it's a new character named "Slick," who plays the piano in Joe's Bar and philosophizes about the meaning of music and destiny and stuff. He's surprised by how much Starbuck knows about music, thanks to her musician dad. [Livejournal, via the Booted Lady]


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