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Secrets of Wanted's Action Scenes Revealed

Illustration for article titled Secrets of Wanteds Action Scenes Revealed

For those of you who have seen the Angelina Jolie/James McAvoy violence-fueled campfest Wanted, Wired has an expose up on how they filmed some of their craziest scenes. Russian director Timur Bakmambetov used his own Moscow-based special effects company to create the movie's non-stop, over-the-top action. At his disposal was everything from a European high-speed train equipped with hydraulics that rotated 360 degrees to scanned digital stunt doubles. Warning: If you haven't watched the movie yet and actually want to, the article contains a load of spoilers. [Wired]


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I'm in a bit of a pickle. On the one hand, I have this aching feeling that I'm going to hate the shit out of this movie, but on the other, I'm so curious about whether or not it really is a big flaming tub of overhyped shit, but don't want to pay for it.

Oh well, patience will see this as a cable watch and/or iTunes rental :P