SED TVs - A Fall from Grace

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Some of you may remember me whining about a complete lack of SED televisions at CEDIA this year. We still can't say why it appears there were no models on display (unlike at CES), but what we can say is that Toshiba and Canon have announced their intentions for an SED release around the 2008 Beijing Olympics. As far as I'm concerned, the Olympics weren't really good for anything before, but if they can get me my freakin' 1ms response, 100,000:1 contrast, supposedly affordable flat-panel, maybe then I'll tune in out of gratitude. There is speculation a release could come a little sooner, but unless we are talking more in terms of years and less in terms of months, it's a moot point in my book. But that's only the old news.


Now we're hearing that the planned $1.5 billion SED plant will probably not be equipped to produce the technology as inexpensively as Canon and Toshiba had projected. And with the price drops we've seen in competitive technologies during the past year (LCD and plasma), I wouldn't be at all surprised if SED turned out to be the most expensive television technology on the market - at least at launch That's it. We've been lied to and I'm officially depressed.