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Seduced by a Review of the Jetset Nokia n93

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I thoroughly enjoyed the n93 review by Jason Rowan, freelance writer, photographer, gridskipper, and Gizmodo friend. He one-ups all of us in technoPhiladelphia by testing Nokia's giant video phone out of the lab. Its 3.2 MP Carl Zeiss lens capture his adventures through Paris to Key West. I've never been to Key West, but now I feel as if I've have had alien memories of wading in the shoals up to my rolled up jeans.


As I ran alongside the coastline of Key West...and watched the changing colors along the horizon as a storm system blew in, changing the ocean from pale green along the horizon to milky blue to an angry grey break against the shore I wished, for the thousandth time, that my iPod contained a camera...the Nokia N93 addresses a related convergence flashpoint.


The lede sells us hard, and a substantial review follows, arcing through a few weeks in Jason's life with the N93. But if you don't have time for a novel, here's our summary.

He treats it as a traveling companion and companion rather than a thing to be used up one night to be used as magazine fodder for a 2-second blurb. Through it all, he approves of the camera's night and macro modes, and blogging functions. But he also notes the phones girth made him self-conscious, especially in front of the French. And the camera took great photos only when the photography effort was put into the shots. It reads like a nice little story of when Jason met the N93. We could get used to this weird "outside" benchmarking.

The Riddle of Convergence, or: The Seductive Nokia N93 [Jason Rowan]