See-Through Alphabet Blocks With Adorable 3D Characters Trapped Inside

Even with more electronics at their disposal than ever, kids still seem to enjoy playing with simpler toys like wooden alphabet blocks. But that doesn't mean they're still not easily distracted, so to help kids stay dedicated to the task of mastering their A-B-Cs, these see-through Flip Flop ABC Blocks feature 3D letters and characters inside that dance around with a magnetic wand.


Like with traditional alphabet blocks the cartoony characters inside some of these clear plastic cubes correspond to the letter printed on the outside. So the 'J' has a tiny jellyfish inside, while the 'C' has an adorable little crab. The 3D characters are suspended inside the cubes using invisible string so they're free to move about, and they'll even interact when stacked next to each other thanks to magnets hidden inside every one of them. [Patch Products]

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