Illustration for article titled Sega Body Trainer: A Digital Excerise Coach for Your Medical Entertainment

Sega Toy's new Body Trainer is a "medical entertainment" product, we kid you not, designed to guide you through your exercise regime. Taking account of your age, weight and so on, it advises you with spoken prompts along the lines of "Let's start warming up." It actually measures your heart rate with an earlobe clip, so it can tailor its advice and can even detect if you're slacking— you wont get a crazed Army drill instructor-style insult from it though, just a wimpy "please exercise a little bit harder."


With three modes for walking, jogging and aerobics, the device also accepts audio input from an MP3 player so you can jog along to your favorite tunes, or a recording of your most inspiring jody if you actually are a military type. Available in April for around $53. [ and Dvice]

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