Self-Playing Virtuoso Violin, World's First (Allegedly)


Not everyone can be a violin playing master, but with the Vistuoso Violin, you sure can pretend to be. Watch as "[a]n invisible hand glides the bow across the strings producing a genuine violin sound — with no human in sight." The sounds produced by the violin are actual violin sounds and not the deceiving sounds of a digital synthesizer.

The Virtuoso is MIDI-compatible and was invented by one of the guys at the helm of NASA during its famed Apollo program. Be sure to watch the infomercial-quality video explaining the ins and outs of the Virtuoso.


Price? Methinks it'd probably be cheaper to get professional violin lessons than shell out the $17,500 required to purchase the Virtuoso. At least the seller includes some accessories with your purchase, like a display cabinet and a 40-watt amp.

Product Page [QRS Music via TechEBlog]

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