Senate Set to Give Retroactive Immunity to AT&T and Other Telcos for Warrantless Wiretapping Program

Should AT&T and the other telcos involved (like Verizon) get a total pass for participating in the NSA's domestic wiretapping program that let the government eavesdrop on Americans without a warrant? The Senate's thisclose to giving them immunity from lawsuits like the one the Electronic Freedom Foundation's filed against AT&T and others.


Mark Klein explained the situation a bit in this video and why he was lobbying against immunity for the telcos—which the FCC declined to investigate. It's this exact bill that's about to pass the Senate, as they've voted to limit debate on it "all but assuring" it gets the rubber stamp. Also included are provisions to essentially legalize the government's actions, effectively expanding its ability to spy within our borders. Scary stuff. [Threat Level, Threat Level]



Where are the gun-toting psychopaths when we need them?