Send a Gift to a Complete Stranger's Address

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My parents taught me to never talk to strangers, but they never told me I couldn't buy Christmas gifts for them! If you're overdosed with Christmas spirit, generates random addresses across the world so people can send gifts to strangers.


There's probably better ways to spread your Christmas joy, like volunteering or gifting to people in need, but it's pretty awesome to think a complete stranger will receive your gift. Unless you're gifting a bomb, then that'd be pretty unawesome. [ via Notcot]


Nothing to See Here!

How do we know they don't just 'randomly' generate addresses that only lead to themselves? Then we would just be sending some person a gift.

You know. A bit like You don't actually get the gift, all that happens is you end up watching loads of ads and build up point. All those ads are just giving money to the assholes that run the thing.

Then you watch videos on YouTube about people who supposedly won an item and the comments are ALWAYS blocked so people can't share the fact that it's a scam. And it's just so obvious the creators of the site just send a gift for them to unbox and promote. It's funny how the description of each video is also exactly the same.

Stupid Lockerz. Poor people who waste their time trying to get points.