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It's a fact: everyone sounds better Autotuned. Smule's I Am T-Pain app now lets you send autotuned voicemails to friends and family for a small fee. Because there's no better time than the present to start calling your Aunt "shawty."


The update is free for people who already own the popular app (which itself is on sale for $1 this weekend), though you'll have to buy T-Pain credits to leave the 45 second clips (they can be acapella "freestyles" or ditties on top of some non-T-Pain beats). $1 gets you 3 credits normally, though this weekend they're kicking things off by giving away 5 credits for a dollar.

If you're embarrassed by the prospect of sending someone you know (or, as the video above suggests, someone you want to get to know) a clip of yourself singing like T-Pain, the dialer lets you schedule delivery of the recordings up to 48 hours in advance. So practice and record your ballad while you're sober and able, set it to send to your prospective paramour at like 2am, and then blame it on the alcohol. [Smule]

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