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With any sport, the more exhausted you become, the more prone you are to injury. In baseball, this is especially a problem for pitchers. But a new shirt can track a pitcher's form in real time.


Designed by three engineering students from Northeastern University, their smart shirt is essentially Under Armor fitted with sensors and a grid of conductive thread. When connected to a PC (currently a hardwire connection, soon to be wireless), the shirt can data-log every pitch thrown in a game, allowing managers and coaches to analyze the effects of fatigue on form in real time while possibly better predicting when relief will need to step in.

And with so many billions of dollars invested in the pro sports industry, it's not hard to imagine a time, quite soon, when every athlete will be monitored and optimized for performance during a game. Ultimately, that's a good thing, as it can only drive down the prices of persistent health-monitoring equipment for those of us who'd just like better posture (and sure, maybe a painless steroid drip on tap for those weekends we have to help a buddy move). [Northeastern University via ecouterre]


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