Sentavi Solarium: Tan and Shower, Too

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Now you can take a shower and conveniently boost your chances of skin cancer at the same time. The Sentavi Solarium is said by its maker to be easy to install in most bathrooms, where its UV light bulbs are hidden behind a seven-inch deep panel.

The idea is that instead of giving yourself a gigantic dose of ultraviolet rays every two weeks in a tanning bed, you can gradually burn your skin with this unit that simulates sunlight. Either way, by age 60 you're sure to have that leathery cowboy-looking skin of trophy wives from the Hamptons to Malibu. On the plus side, shining that light on yourself is a great source of vitamin D, so there's that.

By the way, we've covered a shower 'n' tanning device from another manufacturer before, but none with pictures this provocative. Trying to keep our blog safe for work, apologies for that bit of Photoshoppage there, edited for American audiences under the watchful eye of The Man. Ahh, prior restraint, the worst kind of censorship.

Product page, NSFW [Sentavi] (Thanks, Marianne!)

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