Sentinel's Stylish Hulkbuster Toy Is Way Sleeker Than Age Of Ultron's

Sentinel have long been known for their slick 'Re:Edit' Iron Man toys, but at Wonder Festival this weekend they lifted the lid on even more toys based on the Marvel legend - including a sleek, gorgeous Hulkbuster fit to rival Age of Ultron's brilliant rendition.


Sentinel's Re:Edit line has produced some lovely figures, but their new Iron Men toys are looking absolutely beautiful. Joining the Bleeding Edge Iron Man at Wonder Festival were the upcoming Extremis Iron Man, available in May in Japan for roughly $130, as well as prototypes for four new figures - The Iron Patriot, War Machine, the Black/Gold Iron Man suit (sort of hard to tell when the prototype is entirely grey), and of course, the Hulkbuster. First, take a gander at the Extremis Iron Man:

Pretty! But what you're really here for is the Hulkbuster. The toy cuts an imposing figure,, standing quite beyond the usual 18 cm or so of Sentinel's Iron Man figures - but at the same time, it's much more sleek and round-edged than, say, what we're getting in the next Avengers movie:


I love the Hulkbuster we're getting in the MCU, but one day I'd love Tony to upgrade it to something as swanky as this. There was no confirmed release date or price for the Hulkbuster, but considering the average Re:Edit figure is above $100, expect it bust your wallet whenever it's revealed.

[via Hobby Link Japan]

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