The worst thing about Toy Soul 2014 happening this weekend is all the amazing figures that I can't buy, because they're literally 6 thousand miles away from me. Like this fancy new edition of Sentinel's already lovely Bleeding Edge Iron Man!

The normal version was revealed earlier this year, but this version of the 7 inch take on Iron Man's sleek nanotechnology suit introduced in 2010 comes with some extra accessories to recreate Iron Man's repulsor blasts, as well as a swanky new 'hall of armour' style stand.

There's an extra stand arm too, to allow you to pose Tony flying (how on earth did the original not come with that!?) - but before you get too excited, this 'Re:Edit' will only be available as a limited run of 188 at Toy Soul this weekend, and will set you back around $170.


That's a lot, but... it's so pretty. There's no one tooling around Hong Kong this weekend I can badger into buying shiny toys, is there?

[Sentinel on Facebook]

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