Servant's New Trailer Sets Up the Creepiest Cult War Ever

The frequently frightening, always baffling Apple+ series returns for season three.

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Lianne casts down her eyes while holding onto the bars of the cradle she's trapped inn.
Those are jail cell bars, of course. They’re part of a crib.
Image: Apple+

If you haven’t been watching Servant on Apple+, you may be missing out. It sort of depends on how you feel about the mysterious things that go on these creepy suspense stories—if you need definitive answers, Servant has very few. If you don’t mind just having your mind blown by one inexplicable but spine-tinging event after another, you should really be watching Servant.

There are so many wild things that happen in the show that it’s impossible to sum up, but here’s the basic premise: After a couple, Sean and Dorothy (played Toby Kebbell and Lauren Ambrose), tragically lose their infant, a therapist suggests Dorothy use a doll as a surrogate child while she heals from her trauma. But Dorothy doubles down and hires a nanny for the doll, Lianne (Nell Tiger Free), who brings a lot of weirdness, bad luck, and seemingly supernatural forces with her because the doll disappears and a real baby shows up in its place.


That’s not even in the Top 10 weirdest events on the show. But in this teaser for season three, things seem—seem—to be a bit more straightforward for season three, as Lianne decides to protect her “family” from the cult she once belonged to, who might have died and have some powers of their own. Just know when Lianne’s freaked out, everybody should be freaked out. Check out the new trailer below:

Servant season 3—which also stars Rupert Grint as Dorothy’s brother, Julian, alongside a newcomer for the season, Sunita Mani—premieres on Apple+ on January 21, 2022, which means you have plenty of time to catch up on the show. It’s quite... something.


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