Serve an 8-Bit Breakfast With This Poke-a-Pixel Wafflemaker

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Quirky's approach of bringing user-submitted inventions to life pre-dates Kickstarter by quite a few years. And the company's track record at successfully producing these often highly original creations means you can actually get excited about a wafflemaker that lets you create custom pixelated images every morning. What a time to be alive.

There's no word on when the Pixel might eventually make its way into consumer's hands, or for how much it might sell, but anyone who grew up playing classic 8-bit video game consoles will be happy to patiently wait for its arrival. Using a food-grade silicone pattern tray that sits between the wafflemaker's heating elements, you can poke out simple shapes, letters, or emoticons to help brighten someone's morning—or just give you another great food shot to post on Instagram. [Quirky via Geekologie]