Set Your Phone's Photos Free With the Wikimedia Commons App

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Wikipedia just wouldn't be the same without its pictures, but someone has to go out and take 'em. Now you can help, armed with nothing but a smartphone and some stuff to shoot.

The new Wikimedia Commons apps for iOS and Android make uploading pictures to Wikimedia's Creative Commons archive a piece of cake. By downloading and logging into the app, you can immediately start taking pictures and sending them off to that big Creative Common in the sky with just a quick title and description, and a few categories too if you feel like it. Granted, uploading photos to Wikimedia Commons from your computer was never hard, exactly. Now it's just dumb easy.

Wikimedia's pair of apps have been in beta for a while—open beta on Android, invite-only on iOS—but now they've struck it out into the word as real, full-fledged applications. So if you want to start giving your one-off phone pictures a chance at a second life on Wikipedia (or elsewhere) go grab the app right now and start setting those photos free. [Wikimedia Blog via The Next Web]

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