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The Internet was buzzing today with rumors of a forthcoming 100GB HDD upgrade for the Xbox 360. While it created some nice material for other blogs to write about, this does little for the Giz (if the upgrade even makes it State-side). Instead, it's obvious that this was an attempt by Microsoft to steal Sony's and Nintendo's thunder. We don't blame them. But to successfully get our attention, you need more than rumors and leaked pics of a hard drive. Here's our list of what we think the 360 needs to trump the PS3 and Wii onslaught.


1)Integrate the forthcoming external HD DVD drive and 100GB HDD into one console. Don't raise the price.

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2)Expanded codec playback. C'mon guys, show some undiscriminatory love.

3)HDMI output. Nuff said.

4)A better-organized Xbox Live Marketplace experience. We think browsing could be improved.


5)Make it easier to hack the 360. We like personalizing our PCs and gadgets. Interchangeable face plates doesn't cut it.

6)Give us a quieter system that won't overheat. If you want us to watch HD DVDs on our 360, the console's whirring needs to be toned down.

7)No one wants to be MCE's bitch. Give us IPTV.

Readers, feel free to add anything you think we left out or what you think would give the 360 an edge against the PS3 and Wii.


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