SGU Darker But "Still Stargate". Plus New Longer Trailer!

The cast of the brand new SGU promises eager fans at Comic Con that the new series isn't all darkness and despair, and debuted this new trailer filled with bras, kisses, RDA, and Star Wars jokes just to prove it.

So first off, let's talk about the trailer. Wow there's a ton of nods to past scifi epics including Star Wars jokes (which sadly still make me swoon even to this day) gritty BSG visual appeal, RDA and insane laughs. But here's my one issue: it seems like the delightful David Blue is seriously carrying the weight of the show's funny on his shoulders. In order for the Destiny to get off the ground, we're going to need to see that crew click together with "Sheppard and McKay playing with remote control cars in the hallway" style chemistry. Still the moments in the trailer are clever.


At the panel show creators Robert Cooper and Brad Wright addressed the fans who were worried they'd made a BSG out of their Stargate. Wright spoke straight into the crowd, and said that they are aware of the anticipation and that they respect the fans and know they are here because of you (it's true what is this, the 16th season?) and they want to make sure you have something great to watch.

The look, according to Wright will be, "much more handheld, much more dynamic." Cooper agreed, but maintained, "At it's core it really is still Stargate. People like you and I, in extraordinary circumstances." He lamented that television shows have gotten to the point where everyone is a superhero these days, which is why we appreciate the real people of the gate, who have to face big challenges. It's exploration with a sense of humor and hope, not all depressing and dark. So while it's good that they are promising original Stargate themes are we have to brace ourselves for the docustyle.

The cast came out looking all shiny and new. Minus one sunglasses-wearing Robert Carlyle — hey, when you're Robert Carlyle, you too can wear your sunglasses indoors. The much younger faces of the SGU series were put to the test over their Gate knowledge. Elyse Levesque and Brian J. Smith even shared a story of going to the MGM booth to take pictures in front of the Gate (nerds) and the workers there asked if they wanted to sign up for a competition to guest star on the series. Aw just like us!

The audience was then allowed to ask the cast their own questions:

Can people who haven't watched SG1 or SGA pick up on SGU?

Cooper: It's going to happen very fast. If you do miss an episode you may be left behind. I think you will be surprised by some of the major shake ups and

Will the franchise ever stop building up really enjoyable doctors and then killing them off?


Cooper: No, we kill the doctor right away in this one.

Wright: He's serious. [or some sot of agreement to that nature confirming the eventual killing — I was laughing].


Sure, Stargate Universe is darker, I think it's pretty obvious that some people are going to die within the first few episodes (I'm pretty sure I know who now) but couldn't the Gate stand to get a little grittier? But so far the cast seems like the witty bunch Syfy needs to put out a Gate consistent and respectful to the past fans, but add on a new level of depth that, frankly, the show has earned.

The best part of this panel is, I don't have to describe the footage for you, because it's right here for your viewing pleasure. So check it out and please let me know what you think.



Alan Henry

Wow! Stargate Voyager!

/ducks and runs

I kid, I kid. Seriously though - the show does look interesting. It does have that "DARK DARK OH GOD LOOK HOW BSG WE ARE WITH THE GUTS AND SWEAT AND GLORY BUT THE SARCASM SAVES THE DAY" ring about it, complete with sweaty oil-smudged woman in black tank tops (seriously is this a theme?) but it's also a really interesting premise and seems to have a lot of room to grow.