Shame: A Harrowing Tale of Addiction, Also Sex

Shame is a dark, brooding tale of one man's crippling addiction to sex and all things sex-related. Despite critcal acclaim, you might not have gotten a chance to see it, mainly because it's rated NC-17. Yeah, there's some penis.

Aside from the penis (or in addition to the penis, I suppose) Shame features some unsurprisingly fantastic acting by Micheal Fassbender as his character copes—or more accurately fails to cope—with his rampant sex addition which includes but is not limited to, cam girls, a work computer full of porn, prostitutes, a creepy relationship with his sister, and just about everything in between. The cinematography is fantastic as well, featuring what very well may be the best ever one-take scene of a dude jogging through NYC.


All that said, this is not a happy movie in the slightest. The really life—and soul—destroying nature of all-encompassing addiction is the at the forefront of this film, and for all the sex, it isn't "sexy" in the slightest. Still, it's a fantastic watch and will no doubt make you feel a hell of a lot better about whatever minor addictions you're nursing. [Amazon Instant]


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