Shark Repellent Wet Suit Shocks and Awes

Finally, now I can swim in shark-infested waters like I've always wanted. A bright fellow called Vladimir Vlad has filed a patent for a shark-repellent wet suit that creates an electrical field. The idea is that sharks have sensitive receptors in their noses which would normally help them track prey, but when faced with an especially strong electrical field, they will back off. This wet suit would be made of metal and neoprene, with thin piezoelectric ceramic fibres woven in. Voltage is then delivered by the fibres depending on their length. The suit continually generates several volts which flow through the water, and the faster you swim, the higher the voltage (which makes the electrical field stronger). And if after all that, the shark still manages to bite you, it will get a nasty shock in its mouth.

Still in prototype stage, but we'll let you know when you can get your own shark-safe suit so you too can hang ten next to the Great White.

Electric field shark repellent wet suit [Global Surf News]

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