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Sharp 720p DLP Projector to Clock In at Under $1000

Illustration for article titled Sharp 720p DLP Projector to Clock In at Under $1000

Sharp's expanding its WXGA line with the PG-F255W projector, packing 1280x800 resolution, Sharp's BrilliantColor tech, 2,200:1 contrast ratio, 2,500 ANSI Lumens, Ethernet, variable audio line-out, and a USB port. It's a lot for not so much cash, coming in at less than $1000.


It looks like it's designed for classrooms but there's nothing in the specs that'd disqualify it from being a pretty decent home theater projector. And at the stated sub-$1000 price when it's released this month, it's hard to find too much fault with it. The above picture is not the PG-F255W, but a model in the same line that looks pretty similar. [Press Release via Engadget]

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All manufacturers can make projectors on the cheap now, but it's the price of the replacement bulbs that kill me. $250-450 each?! I know some places like Interlight can help out by just selling the bulb, and you have to screw it back into the housing and all...

But what happened to that $500 Lumenlab projector a while back that sported a $30 replacement bulb? Maybe the quality of the image wasn't all that great, but I can surely stomach a $30 bulb. I went to the site and I don't see anything even related to that, just some DIY stuff.

Did any other manufacturer follow up with a similar projector that I can get?