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The folks over at have called for the death of the snapshot digital camera, thanks to the superior performance of the 903SH, Sharp's 3.2 megapixel cameraphone. Pretty big claims, but apparently the 2x optical zoom and 5 high-performance aspheric glass lenses contributes to excellent shots, with picture sizes of up to 1,536 x 2,048 pixels. Couple that with high-speed 3G and a crisp 2.4 inch swiveling screen, and it does sound pretty hard to beat. Just let us know when it's arriving stateside, and we'll see about auctioning off our pocket-sized digital cameras.


Vodafone's the phone's carrier in the UK, and it's selling for 300 to 350 (roughly 543 to 633 USD).

Sharp 903SH 3G mobile phone []

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