Sharp Mirumo 934SH Features Two-Face LCD

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Just a taste of Japan's still-fantastical cellphone market can be seen in the Sharp Mirumo 934SH. It's a waterproof clamshell that's pretty ordinary, until you realize its display is dual-sided.

Flip it open, and you have an ordinary, full color clamshell. But closed, its "memory" LCD takes advantage of a low-power backside that's black and white only.

This outer display can be programmed to support a number of apps and animations, but the most notable is definitely its rudimentary (but effective) self-portrait preview. Instead of displaying your actual face on the screen, you just see whether or not your mug is properly framed. (You know, before you flip open the phone to check yourself out in full color.)


I'm still partial to touchscreens that eliminate the need for a dual-sided display entirely, but the Mirumo 934SH is certainly neat. [+D Media via DVICE]