Sharp SD-SP10 1.1 Surround Sound Reviewed (Verdict: Virtually Great)

How can the Sharp SD-SP10 single speaker (plus sub) system get surround sound? By using Dolby's Virtual Speaker Technology and Audistry surround processing, that's how. Steve Guttenberg took this for a test and found it actually sounding like a surround sound system.


Dynamic range and visceral impact were the equal of most entry-level home-theater-in-a-box systems. Dialog was clear and fairly natural. And for the most part, the SD-SP10 didn't fall prey to the artifacts—an irritating hollow or echoey quality—we experienced with other virtual-surround speaker systems.


All was fine as long as you were sitting directly in front of the speaker. If you moved left or right, the effect disappears and you only hear sound coming from the one direction. All in all good for a 1.1 system, but at close to $400, we'd recommend a standard surround sound system unless you're really tight on space.

Sharp SD-SP10 [CNET]

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You can get this unit for under $300 and for the money I think is sounds awesome. Small footprint and easy to set up. I love it. I found mine from United Visual. They didn't have them in stock for xmas but the customer service was great and they got it to me within a week.