Shia LaBeouf May Still Be The Last Man (Er, Boy) On Earth

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Director D.J. Caruso still wants Shia LaBeouf to portray the lonely male survivor Yorick in gender apocalypse comic Y: The Last Man, which apparently means he's trying to make a career out of directing movies starring "The Beef." Caruso's already made Disturbia and Eagle Eye with The Beef, and now has plans to make a trilogy out of Y featuring Shia saying "no no no no no" a lot. While there's no doubt that Shia has some unexplained mind-control power that makes teenagers flock to him, we don't think he'd do justice to the role, although if the other choice is Topher Grace (Y artist Pia Guerra's choice), then we say bring on the LaBeouf.


The heartening news we should probably take away from this is that the director wants to turn it into a trilogy after centering the first movie on the first 12 issues of the series:

I see it as a trilogy because there is so much to put in. Where the first movie ends doesn't even relate to the last issue because it's so far down the road. It hasn't succeeded so far in the screenplay format because everyone keeps trying to throw everything in there. We're only taking this [first] story so far.

Admittedly, we kept hoping this would show up as an ongoing series on HBO or Showtime, where we'd be able to recap and dissect it weekly, but we fear that the first movie might irk us to our cores... which means we'd have to sit through two more. You know, just how the first Star Wars prequel was so bad, but you saw the other two thinking that somehow they'd get better.

I just watched Disturbia for the first time this weekend, and I will grudgingly admit that Shia isn't bad in it. However, the ending of that movie was so sickeningly cotton-candy sweet after featuring actors swimming in sewage pools full of rotting corpses, that our main worry is that D.J. Caruso will completely miss the mark on Y. What do you think?

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I think Lafeouf does a great job in the movies he appears in, as he has the ability to make the viewer suspend disbelief while watching him. He is not AX model attractive, nor does he have perfect diction or line delivery. He very much reminds me of Jeff Goldbloom. He is quirky, and interesting, and believable.

Topher, I just don't like him. No real reason, I just think he's a putz.