Ship Date for Backordered Nooks Delayed Until January 11th

Nook pre-orders have been sold out since November 20th, and orders placed after that have been subject to oft-delayed ship dates. Now B&N says that these backordered Nooks won't ship until January 11th, even later than reported this morning.


Remember, if you ordered a Nook before November 20th, B&N promises it'll make it by Christmas—but if you waited until after the 20th, your only options are to wait until the backordered Nooks start shipping on January 11th, or fight your way through the likely crowds at the few high-traffic retail stores that'll have them on December 7th. We're also hearing about more general shifting of ship dates—anybody pre-order one and have their estimated time of arrival changed? [Barnes & Noble via Engadget]

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I'm sure it's already been said, but I'm waiting for the smaller form factor to come out.

You know, the Nookie.