Barnes & Noble Ruins Nerd Christmas (For Good PR)

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Nobody has any idea if the Nook is actually any good yet, but no matter: It's a well-placed holiday gift, in theory! Or at least it was, until Barnes & Noble ran out of them.


Granted, it's a little worrisome that Barnes & Noble was taking preorders before letting reviewers have their say, so this enforced waiting period—which was probably a planned PR stunt, like the ones that pretty much every other hardware manufacturer ever does ever time they have a new product—is a good thing. At any rate, it'll be January—well after we'll have run B&N's Android-powered ereader through its paces—before anyone who hasn't already placed their order can get one.

UPDATE: Some mild reprieve, from B&N themselves:

Barnes & Noble expects to have a limited stock of devices available in its highest-volume stores during the holiday season.

So, go, if you dare! (In a few weeks.) [B&N via Bits]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Companies should plan a little better based on holiday seasons. At least in the US, that's when most companies make all their profits (they don't call it Black Friday for nothing). Of course shortages can also increase demand which seemed to have happened for the Wii.