Shmancy Red One Camcorder Prototypes Stolen, $100k Reward for Info

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Jim Jannard, founder of Oakley sunglasses, and the man behind the high-pixel-count Red One HD camcorder has enemies. The camcorder, which is capable of ultra high-definition (4,520 x 2540 pixels) video in a $17.5K camera, had some prototypes and docs stolen from Red HQ last night. Since all competing gear is no less than $100K, industrial espionage isn't out of the question. Jannard is offering a reward of $100K to find out who stole the cam, and also relieves our pixel-hungry video junkies by saying that the theft won't throw off their '07 launch plans. Thanks for the tip, Curt.


Red One Ultra HD Camcorder Prototype Ripped Off