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Shocking Sick Puppy is "Operation" for a New Generation

Illustration for article titled Shocking Sick Puppy is Operation for a New Generation

Japanese game manufacturer Mega House has come up with a winner. Biri Biri Kaze Hiki Wanko (which, translated, means Shocking Sick Puppy) is a cross between seminal kids' game Operation, where you had to remove various parts of a patient's anatomy with a pair of wired-up tweezers, without letting on to your parents that you'd swallowed the best part of a bottle of bourbon the night before touching the sides, and that equally seminal '70s plaything, Slime. A fearsome mess of green snot and drool emerges from the dog's mouth and nose, and you have to pick out plastic "germs" embedded in the ectoplasm. Trouble is, if the metal tweezers touch the slime, you get an electric shock. Out in Japan this August, Shocking Sick Puppy needs a worldwide release if it is to realize its full genius potential. [Trends in Japan]


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Hey, this game reminds me of when I was young, I had a bunch of Ghostbusters toys, as well as their headquarters, and I had a ghost that you could pour ooze into its head, and the ooze would pour out of the roof of its mouth, just like this dog.

Ahh, the good old days!