Shockwaves to the Crotch Treat Erectile Dysfunction

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We've heard that just about anything could give you ED, so what to do when things down below just aren't working? You could pop lil' blue pills or you could go with something more reliable: Shockwaves to the crotch.


According to research done at the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel, low-intensity shockwaves can actually reverse erectile problems unlike medications which require continued treatment. The actual shockwaves are described as not being painful, yet somehow it doesn't really sound that way:

Each shockwave applied roughly 100 bar of pressure - some 20 times the air pressure in a bottle of champagne, but less than the pressure exerted by a woman in stiletto heels who weighs 132 lbs. (60 kg).

Youch. It's creepy and it's cooky, but until you can grow a replacement, this might be a more reliable way of dealing with malfunctioning equipment than ED medication. [Live Science]

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I imagine the idea formed like this:

Hmmmm, I wonder what I can do to treat erectile disfunction? I could try to find some pills or do some research on the internet!

A few hours go by...

Stupid penis! (hits its) Why won't you work! (hits it again) I am so frustrated! (hits it one more time) Whats happening?!?! (goes from 6 to midnight) I wasn't even trying, what a breakthrough! Let me call my friend at a University that also has a problem....

"Hey Steve, I think I have found a cure!"

"What's that Bill?"

"If I hit myself in the family jewels, I can stop using Viagra!"


"You don't believe me?"

"Well it is an interesting theory, but it needs some testing."

(Steve calls the Mythbusters)

"Hey Adam, I was wondering if you could test this crazy theory that a friend of mine has?"

"No problem dude."

(Mythbusters proceed to decimate Buster down under with high explosives)