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Shoot 3D Photos and HD Video on Fujifilm's Glasses-Less W3 Camera

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A year after Fujifilm introduced the first 3D camera to us, they've fine-tuned their encore act, the W3—which shoots 3D video in 720p resolution, taking it from VGA to HD.

Of course, like with the first model, you can turn off the 3D function so you're shooting in plain ol' 2D, but with that 3.5" lenticular screen on the reverse of the camera, you can see 3D photos and video popping out instantly—and without the need for glasses.


The 3D works by shooting a subject with two 3x optical zoom Fujinon lenses and CCDs, combining the two photos so they appear in 3D. A number of selections can be chosen when snapping photos in 2D, so one photo is shot in close-up, the other in wide-angle, or they can be shot in varying ISO ranges, and so forth. This could create a lot of different effects, and would quickly eat up your time fiddling with the options.


The addition of a miniHDMI port means 3D content can be viewed on 3DTVs and 3D laptops via HDMI, but also on an 8" Fujifilm 3D photo frame and in lenticular prints (bought separately). The latter two, like with watching the images on the 3.5" display, don't require glasses.

This second model is also smaller and lighter than before, weighing 230g.

On sale in September, only the UK pricing for the FinePix Real 3D W3 camera has been released for now—£399 (around $625, which is the same price as the W1 from last year). Still overpriced, in other words, but it certainly has a few extra tricks up its sleeve.

UPDATE: It'll cost $500 in the US. [Fujifilm]