Shooting a Tesla Coil Gun Is Some Real Ghostbusters Shit

There’s nothing I want to do more in life than to shoot a Tesla coil gun. Seeing those bolts of electricity fly out of that death ray-looking weapon is basically all I’ve ever dreamed about since I’ve watched Ghostbusters, and this Tesla coil gun is the closest thing to a real-life Proton Pack that I’ve ever seen.

Sure, it’s a little unnerving because those sparks jump out at random (and can even fly back and hit you). But it looks so damn cool that it’s totally worth the risk. Smarter Every Day’s latest video is all about the never ending fun that are Tesla coils. Here’s the gun shooting out electricity in glorious slow motion:


And here’s the rest of the Tesla coil fun:

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Seriously? You want to shoot this lightning maker more than do two girls at once? Please hand in your man card at the nearest manstation.