I got a new addition to my Iron Man Collection, and what better way to submit a pic, than the one I took right out of the box. Took with my HTC EVO 4G.

- Felix Garcia


This photo was taken with a Sony Cybershot DSC-TX10. It may be a point and shoot, but I'm in love with it. The settings are automatic, and the ISO is 125.

Story: This photo was taken while mowing the lawn on a Saturday evening. The mower was acting up and as I added oil, a praying mantis approached me. I gave the insect its space until it crawled into the open engine and hid behind the fuel tank. Fearing its safety, I placed the mantis on a nearby stick to get him out. I whipped out my camera and he posed for pictures.

- Mathias Schreiner


Taken with Hipstamatic for iPhone.
Lens: Robot Glitter
Film: Alfred Infared
Flash: off

I went out Saturday night, and for some reason began taking loads of photos. When I woke up Sunday morning I started to go through my camera roll and found this gorgeous shot. I sadly don't know who the girl is. It will probably always be a mystery, but that is half the intrigue now, isn't it?

- Zachary Wall


Canon 550D with EF-S 18-55mm IS
1/320 sec.
ISO 3200
Hama Traveler Pro Tripod

The shooting was inspired in Peter Pan friends learning to fly.
The house is a museum in a botanical garden that remind me the movie.
We used levitation photography technique to freeze the subjects while in the air.

- Filipe Soares


Fujifilm s100fs — f/4 — 1/500" — ISO100 — 31mm

I always find the free-for-all challenges to be more difficult than the ones with more structure to them. This weekend was no different. I had 100 different ideas and no time to actually implement any of them. It ended up that my entry was just a picture of opportunity. I was headed from one project to the next on Sunday when I spotted a Wood Stork in one of the local parks. I stopped and captured a few quick pictures.

-Mike Case


Equipment: Canon EOS 50D, Tamron 18-200 lens
Settings: ISO 100, f/11 manually focussed on a nearby plant so I didn't fry my retinas.
Shot: Handheld, perched on the edge of a cliff with one hand holding the railings I'd just climbed over.
Entirely opportunistic as I was taking my kids for a stroll, and was mainly snapping pics of them. Saw the
start of sunset, and an opportunity to continue some of the foreground shadow/silhouette experimental photos I've
been trying recently (usually with a model who's excellent at standing still and lasers). Was hard to nail settings, focus and alignment of this shot, let me tell you.

-Kit Eaton


I hereby send in my photo for this 100th challenge. Please look for them in the attachments.

I shot it with
Nikon D90
Nikon 35mm f1.8
over exposed at 1/2000 s
ISO 200

a white diffuser umbrella
a couple of dream-catchers
5pm sunset on my right side, at 90deg from shooting angle


I wanted to shoot a concept for some nice dream-catchers lying around my apartment. It reminded me of different dreams happened to me during my personal life. And how I archived those one by one, following small steps, without wondering too much about the end results. When I look around I see my friends, my colleagues, struggling with their dreams, I just want to say:
Don't afraid to EXPOSE your dreams to the outside world.


-Duy Le


Hi Gizmodo,

Attached is the shot I took recently for the 100th Shooting Challenge.

Info below:

Photographer name : Shahab Qamar
Location : Bunya Highway, Bunya Queensland Australia
Time : 5:32 PM


The story : I was driving back from a trip to Bunya Mountains in Queensland Australia. There was absolutely no traffic on the road so I setup my tripod in the middle of the road and took the shot, hoping that it wouldnt be my last (if I am crushed by an on coming car). The shot turns out to be fantastic !

Camera : Canon 550D
Lens : 18-55mm Kit Lens
F-stop: f/3.5
Exposure time : 1/90sec
ISO : 200
Exposure bias: 0 step
focal length : 18mm
Max aperture : 3.625
Metering mode : Pattern
Flash : none

- Shahab Qamar


I was on my way down from Sahale Glacier in the Northern Cascades (two hours north of Seattle, WA) when I snapped this shot. The whole time I was hiking I kept thinking although it is fall, the hike feels like both spring or a sunny day in mid-winter. I feel like this photo sort of encapsulates that beauty and also that confusion. So, here you go. Happy 100 everybody!

Nikon D2X
1/60 sec
Nikkor 24mm prime

-Will Christiansen


I took this picture at Botanica, Wichita's Botanical gardens. My work
schedule only allowed me one afternoon in which I could take pictures.
Although the temperature was nice, it was also really windy. I had
almost given up hope of getting a good picture when I saw this insect
snacking on the flowers.

Taken with a Nikon d5000 using a Nikkor 55-200mm at 200mm f/5.6 1/250
sec ISO 200. Taken in RAW converted to jpeg in Adobe Lightroom and
edited in GIMP.

-Dan Cocking


Nikon coolpix l22
iso 400

After 13 years of waiting I finally got to see BUSH live the other night. Venues in NYC frown upon cameras. So I couldn't bring in my Canon just a point and shoot. While Gavin Rosdale was running around in the audience and all of the audience was paying attention to him I was watching the Bassist. And this picture was born.

-Gretchen Hargrove



I took this photo with the new iPhone 4S at my friend's downtown apartment in Austin while waiting to go to a concert, where I was eager to test the camera at. It was a spur of the moment with testing out different filters on various apps as well as the new default editing options. I wanted to see how much detail in the carpet would come out with the new phone, and my friend's dog Diesel just happened to be there to add some life to the photo. Thankfully the light was just right and the color contrasts came out beautifully. While I was remembering the 100th shooting challenge and how I always wanted to enter, but never had the right picture until now. I figure this fits in with the previous cellphone photography contest. This was taken with Instagram using the Amaro filter and the horizontal focus.

-Brent Price


T1i, 55-250mm @ 74mm, ISO 400, f/8, 1/6
Rinsing in the cistern with sheet over window to diffuse natural light. After a couple test runs with a very cooperative gourd, filled a bucket with water and let the picture box burst away. Some slight touch ups in Aperture. BG

-Ben Grimm


This is a Red Japanese Maple leaf macro shot. I used manual mode, with 1/30 second, f/16, and ISO 3200. I shined a really bright LED light on the leaf. From far away the tree is one color. Up close it's many.

Canon 7D with a MP-E 65mm lens extended to 5x.

- David Lee


Camera: Canon PowerShot S5 IS
Lens: 6.0 - 72.0 mm Bulit-in Lens
Focal Length: 20.7 mm
Shutter Speed: 1/320
Aperture: f/4
ISO: 80

This picture In particular was taken on a family vacation in Newport, RI in August of 2008. We were waiting for the sun to set outside of our bed and breakfast hotel for a firework show later that evening. As I looked at the sunset, my first though was to get a picture of it and this picture is the result. A beautiful sunset of the harbor with the boats and all setting a nice pinkish hue to the photo.

Thanks Again For This Opportunity,

- Alexander Herman


Bench of Blues

Considering this is the 100th challenge and I have been on Gizmodo forever but never entered,I thought this better be the start. I live in Orlando and have been bored with the photo opportunities lately. The shot was taken at a church, odd spot for a cool colored bench but none the less found it while exploring. This bench was a great color blue and I thought the distortion I got from it was perfect. Its a very simplistic photo with some symmetry in it. I used my D90 with Samyang 8mm at f16 1/125th, 640 ISO.

- Marc Pierson


Canon EOS-1D Mark 4
100 mm Macro 2.8
spot meter
distance 350mm
ISO 400

Shot at 4:40pm in an field of cab grapes. The leafs are just starting to turn annd this was back lit. The day had mild breezes and I had to wait for a lull to make the shot. Every fall I trapes the grape fields (off of Bennet lane located in upper Napa Valley CA) looking at the wonderful colors the turning leafs produce. I was attracted by the florescent colors and how insect like the leaves looked. And as always after I am done I head down to the local pub and have a pint...yeah a pint not a glass o'wine.

- Rudy Goldstein


Faux Flours: They're not just for Hummingbirds anymore.

We have been noticing more bees around the backyard as of late. Yesterday we saw that they had attacked the hummingbird feeder completely covering this flower and managed to drink half a bottle of nectar in one day. Today with the nectar all but gone. there were only a few straggling bees. I have pictures with this part of the hummingbird feeder covered in bees, but I found the picture with a single bee more interesting.

Camera: Canon XTi
Lens: Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8 L IS II with 68mm extension tube.
Aperture: f / 10
Exposure: 1/80 sec


- Robert Allen

Hi there,

My wife and I were walking the dogs near the riverbank on Sunday and decided to make it our photo shoot for this weeks challenge.


The area we were at is called "Cranberry Flats", just outside of Saskatoon. Its a protected area outside of the city that shows off the diversity of the grasslands in this area of the province. At this point, the river has an Island known as Wilson Island that used to be a Sea Cadet camp during WW2.

This shot is simply of a nail used in the construction of the walking path down to the river bank. Its old, but kept in a decent state of repair by the authority that cares for the area. The nail is old, the wood dried out and the moss is slowly taking over this portion of the walkway. It was an interesting way to capture the "fall colours" of Saskatchewan without actually taking a picture of a tree's or grasslands!

Taken with a Canon T2i, 50mm Compact Macro lens, ISO100, f/3.5 at 1/1000sec.

Thank you,

-Aaron Judt


For Breast Cancer Awareness month, the city of Little Rock has lit up the Two Rivers Bridge pink. It makes for a good nighttime shot with the reflections off the Arkansas River, so needless to say, I wasn't the only one there taking pictures! Pretty straightforward shot: f/8, ISO 200, 50mm, 3 sec exposure. Taken with a Pentax K-x, smc Pentax-A f/1.7 50mm lens.

- Erin Glavin