Camera: Nikon D80
Len: 50mm 1.8
ISO 1000
speed: 1/30o

a night before i wanted to glue some negatives on my wall but sleep took control over me. so tonight i saw the negatives emulating lines that ended up inside the camera. freelensing was my only option this time to get decent results. hope you like it :)


-Jose Meija

To my friends at Gizmodo's Shooting Challenge:

Submitted for your approval.
While stuck in traffic this perfect picture lined itself up for me, not having my camera I reached for my trusty iphone4 to capture the moment. The fog descending on New York City only complements the funeral like procession of cars traveling under the steady lines of the 59th street bridge.


Thank you for another great challenge!

- Todd A Hunt


This is a night shot, Canon REBEL T1i, 18-55mm Kit Lens, f/5.6, 5sec, ISO200, no photoshop, just exposure and temperature corrections.

It was all a coincidence. I was out last night working on some night shots of another building in the area. I don't have a fancy setup, I don't even have a remote shutter, Just a tripod and the countdown timer so I can get around easily.

But on the way home I came across this bridge and thought it had potential. I was still trying to get a feel for the best angles and timing (the clouds were moving too fast) when this guy and his dog walked through one of the shots.


It wasn't until I got home that I realised how nice it looked, and then i remembered that giz had a 'leading lines' challenge this week.

So here it is.

And here are the gory details

Aperture Value: 5.625
Date Time Original: 2011:10:20 20:23:54
Exposure Bias Value: 0
Exposure Program: Manual
Exposure Time: 5
Flash: Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode
Focal Length: 18
ISO Speed Ratings: 200
Metering Mode: Partial
Pixel X Dimension: 2560
Pixel Y Dimension: 1707
Model: Canon EOS REBEL T1i


The pic was shot with a Fujifilm Superzoom Camera - FinePix S2000HD -
Exposure Time - 1/75 sec
ISO speed - ISO-200
max aperature - 3.6
Its the petronas towers. A lot of pictures snap the Petronas towers as just two boulders built on ground towering the sky. I wanted to capture something that gave the feeling of its immense height just by looking at it. A picture needs to make you feel every bit of a meter reached by the tower. The unnatural shape with alternate square corners and rounds plus the design of a weave of stainless steel at every story simply amplified the feeling that i had at heart. A height that can't be reached by every mankind.

- Tabrez Musheer


Roaming the streets of Old Dubai alongside the creek, there was this wall straight from the Scenes of Prince of Persia and the cobble block façade mixed with the filigree wood carved grills was just too tempting to resist.

Nikon D300s – 18mm - f/4.5 – 1/80sec. – iso-200

- Arsh Sayed


Taken With: Apple iPhone 4 (native camera app + mode)
Where: Chicago, IL - Blue Line Logan Square Train station

just a fun night out in the town of a wonderful city

-Julio Kuramoto


I used my Epic 4G touch in Denver. I was walking a new path to the train when I happened upon a few leading lines.

-Adam Beutler


I've only been at my current college (UCMO in Warrensburg, MO) a few months now and haven't found all of the best places to shoot at yet. However, I was recently told by a friend of a well hidden park I should attempt to shoot at. So I headed out one evening having no intention of shooting for this competition, but when I came across this bridge I couldn't help it. Taken with a Canon T1i, stock 18-55 Lens at 18mm, ISO 100, F8.0, and 3 exposures blended in PhotomatixPro3. —Tim

- Tim Lair


These are the main powerlines (grid) is south Etobicoke/Mississauga (Ontario) not far from my house.
They twist and turn all sorts of ways as they snake through major shopping areas, and densely populated areas
as well. But in certain parts, like this field, they become perfectly lined up. This shot was taken directly
across the street from a major shopping mall.

Photo taken with Leica M9, CV 35mm Color-skopar lens.

- Ian Pettigrew


Here is my entry. This picture was taken at the pier at Rusty Rudder restaurant/bar in Dewey Beach, De. I had taken a picture of this a long time ago with a film camera and framed it but since have long lost the negative. This scene popped into my mind immediatly upon seeing your contest, so i drove over there right away to take another picture. Gues what though. This picture was taken with my Iphone 4. I then changed it to black and white using the Photo SHop Express app on the iphone and whalla! Maybe you have a separate group of entries from non-professionals? Just kidding.

-Rob Mandelberg


Me, Cora, some luggage and an auto-timed t2i on an underused stretch of road somewhere on the edge of the Mojave Desert. Leading lines on the ground and sky find all three subjects in this image as we road trip back to LA from Vegas, trying to avoid white-line fever. We were here for at least 30 mins setting up and taking this shot, and didn't see another car until we got back on the freeway.

Shooting summary:
Camera - Canon t2i
Lens - Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5
Focal Length - 10mm
F number: 3.5
Exposure time: 1/3, 200

Thank you! Please let me know if there's any additional info you need.


- David Freid


My seetings:
Camera: Nikon P7000
ISO 400
Shutter speed: 1/90
f stop: 2.8
Lens: on camera lens

This is my first post to the contest, I´ve been wanting to participate for a long time. This time I just read the challenge on an airport, so I decided to look for something interesting. When we going out of the plane, I saw this image of people walking away, so I just take out my camera and waited for a clean shot. Wanted someone in a coat so the different clothes doesn´t mess with the idea of turning this image into black & white.
I place myself on the center so to achive the challenge, and notice that the windows were reflecting also the structure, so this will help on the effect.

Hope you like it


- Gerson Villatoro


Yea, yea... another f*ing train track photo....

I've been trying to get a picture of this train station without crowds of people swarming it for quite sometime.

This is the Damen stop Blue line in Chicago. The train takes you straight downtown, like the picture implies. You can ever so faintly see the buildings in the background. I took this on my iPhone on a whim, but never expected it to turn out this cool.


- Stefan Runstrom

Panasonic Lx 2
Aperture f5.3
Shutter Speed 1/200
ISO 100

Was in Hong Kong on holiday when this picture is taken, riding their Star Ferry and pass by this building ( not sure about the name of the building ). No DSLR on me so i just use my trusty Lx 2.


- Corwin Chua

ISO ( 400 )
Lens - Nikon d3100 200mm Zoom Lens
SS: 10/1600 sec

I a current student in college with an almost complete degree in Photography and was excited about doing the shoot using lines. I quickly decided "structures" would be my subject and went outside for a drive to look around. As soon as i get into my car, it begins to rain ( fml ) and the grayest of gray clouds start to spart-block the sun. After 10 minutes of hopelessly driving around, i decide to head back home to try another day but pass a broken down car and a AAA road-side assistance person talking to each other. Behind them was a large field of power lines that I had not noticed until today. I pulled over, parked across from them and walked towards the " Do Not Enter, You WILL Die!" signs around the power-fortress. I wanted to test the macro capabilities of this lense so i got in real close and got this shot. I like the shapes and backround, and simplicity of this photo. I wish i could submit the others but this is the one I had my eye on. I later helped the person with AAA get directions and that was the end of my shoot. No matter how gray things look, have hope.


Power to the People

- Walter Wright


picture taken with a nikon d3100 and a tamron wide angle lens.

- Ahmed J. Syed


ATC Tower
The photograph was taken in the stairwell from the top of an air traffic control tower using my new iPhone 4s.
Desaturated and matted in photoshop.
Shutter - 1/20
F-stop - f/2.4
ISO - 160
Focal Length - 4.28mm

- Gabriel Reed


This shot was taken on a street overcrossing in Hong Kong in 2009. As my wife walked in front of me, and after having a few Singtao's inspiration struck me. The scene looked like something out of Star Wars with the lighting and color schemes.

Taken with a Pentax ist*D

- Chris Goodroe


I took this picture in Montreal when we were going through a tunnel entering the city, I was bored so I was just snapping pictures through the window
and I got this shot.

- Denin Lawley


Camera : Nikon Coolpix P90
F-Stop : 2.8
Shutter Speed : 1/10th second
ISO : 200

I actually sneaked my way into this really old building because it had one of these ancient elevators and i was dying to photograph but while i'm at it i looked down and saw this scene which pulled my eyes down with all the elevator strings ,the stairs ,the pillars ,just the whole scene felt very inviting downwards,so i popped open my table top tripod (yes i'm very low on equipment but i'm expecting some decent ones sometime soon) and set the camera down and took the shot.

-Omar Hazem


-Vivek Kabra

This photo was shot with a Canon T2i, 1.8 50mm lens.

It is a very simple and random story. I had my camera with me for mothers day shooting boring photos of the family. I got bored so I walked outside and it was literally the first picture I took. I think it looks cool, hopefully you guys will think so to. Cheers.


-Zachary Miller